The RICH MNISI furniture debut, consisting of a chaise and a stool, follows our latest fashion collection - titled Nwa-Mulamula, after Rich's late great-grand mother. The pieces stand as a physical representation of Nwa-Mulamula as the ever-present guardian, whose teachings live on through storytelling generation after generation.

“For me, the chaise, which takes the shape of Nwa-Mulamula’s (The Guardian) body in the form of a Navy leather couch, presents her presence and long-lasting teachings, and the stool, in the shape of an eye with gold puddles, represents her tears, which were never in vain. Without her pain and her experiences I wouldn’t exist. I couldn’t be the person I am today,” explains Mnisi.

These specially commissioned pieces form part of a group show of multidisciplinary artists, all in celebration of Southern Guild’s decade-long journey of pioneering collectible design in South Africa, and include ceramic artists Zizipho Poswa and Madoda Fani, sculptors Daniella Mooney and Stanislaw Trzebinski, and newcomers such as 3D illustrator Ferdi B. Dick.

“You’ve never seen anything like these pieces before,” says Julian McGowan, co-founder of The Guild Group, “the whole concept was to encourage the designers to work outside their comfort zone, providing mentorship and guidance along the way. They’re accomplished designers already – so we wanted them to think differently about themselves and their work.”